Be a Racer philosophy - Aprilia SR 150


Being a racer is not a profession, it’s a way of being, something inside of us, in our DNA.
If you love riding your motorbike, sensing, feeling the wind blowing along the fairing and watching the world passing by through your visor, we get it.
We’ve felt that way since our first roar. Racing is not just about one thing, but it is about many. It is not just about winning - even the best lose, but they don't give up. It is not just about adrenaline - this rush is just a moment within a sea of hard work and preparation. Being a racer is about accepting challenges - about undertaking tasks that test our own limits.

This is the attitude that we call #bearacer

is part of everyone who rides an Aprilia. And it is not just about riding on a track. It is about having competition and adrenaline in your DNA