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Feb 01, 2021 - BIKE

Aprilia | A brand born into racing.

Part 1 - The Origins.

So you’ve seen a few superbikes flash by at lightning speed on your screen of choice; some of them sporting the Aprilia tag. A tag? Now, that’s rude because there’s so much more to it than what meets the eye. There’s heritage being carried forward with the essence of what makes Aprilia a brand that is designed for racers and built for riders. Dart ahead and unfold what we will now discover and admire as Aprilia’s legacy.

The Origins

World War 2 had come to a standstill. For humanity, we were all simply getting back on our feet. But not these men - Cavaliere Alberto Beggio and his son Ivano Beggio, all set to race towards the future instead. What started off as a bicycle factory at Noale, Italy in the province of Venice; would go on to become the Aprilia we know today.

Ivano Beggio

Alberto’s son, Ivano Beggio, took charge of the rider’s seat for the company in 1968, soon after which he constructed Aprilia’s first 50cc motorcycle

Aprilia Colibrì

The first production Aprilia mopeds were named - Colibrì, Daniela and Packi. Colibrì (Italian for Hummingbird)

Aprilia Scarabeo

From there on, Aprilia, under the leadership of Ivano, was inevitably going to transform the motorcycle industry and become a leader in racing. Aprilia went ahead, producing its first 50cc motocross bike in 1970 - The Scarabeo, with its production going on right until the end of the 70s’ eventually also releasing the 125cc variant.

Ivan Alborghetti

With the Scarabeo in place, Aprilia was now all set to make it;s mark in the racing community. The motocross championships of 1977 had Ivan Alborghetti from Milan sitting atop Aprilias as he won them both. The first validated footprints of Aprilia on the race track.

From here, Aprilia would go on to be a pioneer in the industry with innovation, technology and extremely, energetic, high performing vehicles.

Part 2 - The Championships | Coming Soon.