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The definitive Superbike

The RSV4 is much more than a pair of wheels and a powerful engine. The culmination of an ambitious project undertaken by the Aprilia Racing Division and adopting the very best available technology, it features integrated aerodynamic winglets and improved aerodynamic efficiency. This is a true masterpiece that is destined to send your pulse racing the moment you set your eyes on it and will have you whooping with exhilaration every time you touch the throttle.


MotoGP Aerodynamics

With its extraordinary performance, the RSV4 cements itself as the leading light in the superbike category. The versatile range begins with the Aprilia RSV4, with its engine and performance making it the epitome of technological mastery. Its brother bike is the Aprilia RSV4 Factory with an increasingly sophisticated kit that includes forged aluminium wheel rims and Öhlins Smart EC semiactive suspension.

Freedom of Movement

Ergonomics are optimised courtesy of a fuel tank and saddle design that delivers the perfect relationship between bike and rider, for an improved position and freedom of movement when it comes to the seat.

Designed for any rider

With its distinctive design, the RSV4 reinforces its reputation as a sporty, dynamic icon. The pleasingly slender form, aerodynamic lines and feisty style are all taken to the next level to deliver smarter aerodynamics on the track. It’s fair to say that with the RSV4, design is an intrinsic performance element that is with you as you take on every curve.

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