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Aprilia SR


The rush of riding an Aprilia SR is hard to put into words. It has to be felt. The throttle turned. The engine revved. The action sequence begins and teleports you to your own world of pulse-racing sequences. Go from 0-60 Kmph in under 7.5 seconds* from one signal to another. The closest emotion to describe this feeling is like you have risen above the city streets. As the pace of the ride makes the sidelines blurry, and the harmonious sound of the engine’s roar drowns the street noise, you have ignited the action.

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Aprilia SXR


The path you take will always have obstacles. But looking beyond those hurdles with an unwavering attitude is what makes an SXR rider different. Because what lies beyond the motorable roads is the true experience. Let go of the worries of rough patches, and leave it to the prowess of the SXR as it seizes every challenge on and off the road. Enjoy the journey with a sense of liberation as the comfortable seats and flexible suspension take care of bumps on your way. As you cruise through the open roads and the highways, the never-ending horizons will leave you wondering about terrains yet to be explored. Stories yet to be unfolded. Challenges yet to be accepted.

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Tuono 660 Factory

Enhanced performance, amplified emotions

With totally adjustable suspension, a comprehensive electronics package and maximum power of 100 horsepower, the Tuono 660 Factory is designed for riders who demand only the best and delivers a riding experience that is more efficient and thrilling than ever. Its fierce uncompromising character is expressed in its contained dimensions, refined chassis and new Factory Dark colour.

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RS 660 Limited Edition

1500 units to celebrate a stunning triumph

The RS 660 celebrates its first significant competitive milestone with a special edition featuring a Stars and Stripes livery, enlarged top fairing, single-seat tail fairing and reverse quick shift gears. The result is a very special memento of all the victories in the 2021 Twins Cup, the prestigious American championship for midweight twin-cylinder motorcycles and considered the leading motorbike series in the States.

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Tuareg 660


Technical solutions designed for performance and feeling

In an industry bound to the compromises of all-terrain riding, the Tuareg 660 charts a new course, offering benchmark performance in all conditions and authentic adventure equipment.



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