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The path you take will always have obstacles. But looking beyond those hurdles with an unwavering attitude is what makes an SXR rider different. Because what lies beyond the motorable roads is the true experience. Let go of the worries of rough patches, and leave it to the prowess of the SXR as it seizes every challenge on and off the road. Enjoy the journey with a sense of liberation as the comfortable seats and flexible suspension take care of bumps on your way. As you cruise through the open roads and the highways, the never-ending horizons will leave you wondering about terrains yet to be explored. Stories yet to be unfolded. Challenges yet to be accepted.


Superbike Heritage, Touring Adaptability

While the Crossmax design brings a sporty appeal to the SXR, the robust design of this ride is inherited from the superbikes of the Aprilia family. The broad frame, the triple-pod headlight setup, and the smoked windscreen add to the visual aesthetic of this mechanical marvel. With the added convenience of the ergonomic profile seat and a raised handlebar for a more firm grip, you’re able to maximize the riding experience by taking the Aprilia SXR on longer journeys and through diverse terrains.

Cruise Effortlessly

The Aprilia SXR maxi scooter was designed with your adventurous spirit in mind. As a wanderer who has chosen to forge your own path, you have a natural affinity for the open highways over the bustling cities. Each time you embark on a new journey, you eagerly seek out uncharted territory and thrilling escapades. Reveling in the freedom of the open road, you find joy and excitement in every mile traveled. Unknown to you, your destination often reveals itself along the way, as you immerse yourself in the exhilarating experience that is exploration on your trusty Aprilia SXR maxi scooter.