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SR Storm 125

Ignite The Action

Glide through the city lanes with the Aprilia SR Storm 125, equipped with a state-of-the-art 125cc i-get engine that promises unparalleled acceleration. Draped in the distinctive storm label and stripes, an emblem of style and power, the Aprilia SR Storm 125 goes from 0 to 60 km/h in a breathtaking 9.6 seconds.. Embrace this electrifying ride, ascend beyond mediocrity, and experience the extraordinary.

Average Ex-Showroom Price for Storm 125cc - ₹1,10,901*

The i-get Engine, Fastest in its class

Powered by a cutting-edge 125cc i-get engine with 3-valve fuel injection, the SR Storm delivers an exciting punch that exhilarates you each time you twist the throttle. The smooth CVT transmission of the scooter efficiently moves the power, allowing quick acceleration to glide through city streets with ease. Crafted with top-notch engineering and fine-tuned performance, the SR Storm guarantees a smooth and swift ride, offering the ultimate riding adventure.

Fearless, with loads of Flair

The sleek handlebar, the unmistakable Aprilia decals, and the Storm stripes and label enhance the athletic look of the SR Storm. The signature X LED taillight and sporty grab rail complete the dynamic appearance. Choose from Black, Grey, White, Red, or Blue to showcase your bold style. With these aesthetics, you'll make an unforgettable impression on every ride.

Twist, Turn, Triumph: Navigate with Precision.

Discover unmatched nimbleness, exceptional control and execution in the SR Storm. Its telescopic fork front suspension brings keen responsiveness, comfort and ease of handling. Large 14" 5-spoke wheels supply stability, instilling confidence as you tackle different road surfaces. SR Storm's steel frame, combined with an effective CBS braking system, ensures your safety. Embodying agility, the SR Storm enables you to master the streets with grace and command.

Cutting-Edge Engine

The contemporary i-get 125cc engine offers remarkable performance, this 3-Valve Fuel Injection Engine thrills every single time you twist the throttle.

All-Surface Tyres

Fitted with robust all-terrain tires, the SR stands ready to tackle any challenge, whether navigating through bustling urban traffic or exploring rugged off-road trails.

Superior Suspension

Elevated comfort with single arm rear suspension, coupled with telescopic fork front suspension, expertly designed for unparalleled handling and control.

Full LED Lights

The LED daytime lights on the scooter ensure outstanding visibility, shining brightly even in situations where there are no street lights.

Precise Braking

When you apply the brakes, your SR reacts promptly, with the CBS system delivering the crucial control needed for a safe and assured stop.

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