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SR 160

Ignite The Action

Get onboard the Aprilia SR 160 and experience a transformative riding experience that transcends the city streets, leaving you feeling like you've risen above it all. As the cutting-edge 160cc i-get engine roars to life, the Aprilia SR 160 unleashes pulse-racing acceleration that takes you from 0 to 60 km/h in just 7.5 seconds*

Average Ex-Showroom Price for SR 160cc - ₹1,33,536*

The i-get Engine, Unrivalled Swiftness

Behold the pinnacle of scooter performance, where lightning-fast acceleration meets unmatched power. The cutting-edge 160cc i-get engine delivers the quickest acceleration in its class, leaving competitors in the dust. The ultra-responsive CVT transmission ensures instant pick-up, perfect for navigating through the tightest spots or effortlessly riding at exhilarating speeds. Unleash the ultimate riding experience as you dominate the streets with unmatched acceleration.

Cut Through Traffic with Ease

Discover unmatched agility in this sleek scooter, engineered for top-notch handling and performance. The telescopic fork front suspension and adjustable rear suspension deliver responsive control, while also improving comfort and maneuverability. The sizeable 14" 10-spoke wheels offer stability and assurance across diverse terrains. The scooter's sturdy steel frame and effective ABS braking system ensure safety and accuracy. Embrace its agile nature and conquer the streets with ease.

Fearless, with a Flair

The sporty-looking twin-piston callipers, stylized and thoughtfully integrated pillion footrest and rear plate holder inspired by the design of Aprilia motorcycles contribute to the Aprilia's athletic appeal. The sleek handlebar, distinctive Aprilia decals, and assertive mudguard further emphasize its dynamic presence. The signature X LED taillight, racing-inspired exhaust note, and sporty grab rail complete the scooter's spirited appearance. Choose from Black, Grey, White, Red, or Blue to express your bold style. With Aprilia's eye-catching aesthetics, you're sure to leave a lasting impression with every ride.

Front protection

Inspired by endurance bikes, the double fairing with suspended windshield delivers outstanding aerodynamic protection even when dashing around town in daily traffic.

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