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SR 160 Carbon

Ignite The Action

The Aprilia SR 160cc scooter, cloaked in a seductive shade of matte black and carbon accents, is a captivating ride that commands attention on the streets. With the lightning-fast acceleration of the 160cc i-get engine, the Aprilia SR leaves competitors in the dust, providing an unparalleled riding experience. Riding the Aprilia SR Carbon is more than just a journey; it's a statement of refined taste and an unwavering appreciation for the striking shades of black.

Average Ex-Showroom Price for SR 160cc CARBON - ₹1,36,044*

It Does Come in Black, and Matte

Embrace the captivating aesthetics of the SR Carbon, where elegance meets a fierce attitude. The carbon-finished handlebar, mudguard, and rear cover harmoniously blend with the scooter's matte black finish, creating a seamless, bold statement. The dark tones of the Aprilia SR Carbon highlight its aerodynamic form, while the matte finish adds an air of understated luxury. Designed for riders who appreciate both refined style and commanding presence, the SR is the undisputed choice if you have an acquired taste for all things carbon.

The i-get Engine, Unrivalled Swiftness

Experience the peak of scooter performance, where unparalleled power and rapid acceleration unite. The innovative 160cc i-get engine offers best-in-class acceleration, leaving rivals trailing behind. The highly-responsive CVT transmission guarantees immediate pick-up, making it ideal for maneuvering through tight spaces or cruising at thrilling speeds. Revel in the ultimate riding experience as you master the roads with the Aprilia SR's unrivalled acceleration.

Cut Through Traffic with Ease

Discover unmatched agility in this athletic scooter, engineered for top-notch handling and performance. The telescopic fork front suspension, combined with the adjustable rear suspension, delivers responsive control while improving comfort and maneuverability. The substantial 14" 10-spoke wheels offer stability and assurance on a variety of terrains. The scooter's robust steel frame and effective ABS braking system ensure safety and accuracy. Embrace its agile nature and dominate the streets.

Cutting-Edge Engine

Along with the modern 160cc i-get engine delivering outstanding performance, the 3 Valve Fuel injection Engine packs a punch that will leave you exhilarated each and every time you turn the throttle.

All-Surface Tyres

Equipped with all-terrain tires, SR is prepared for any challenge, be it urban traffic or off-road trails, ensuring a new adventure at every turn.

Superior Suspension

The tires maintain grip, ensuring superior control, stability, comfort, and safety across various terrains, with the front fork suspension, and the adjustable rear suspension in the 160cc variant.

Full LED Lights

LED daytime lights provide exceptional visibility, even in low-light situations.

Precise Braking

Upon applying the brakes, your SR responds with a smooth stop, as the ABS provides essential control for a secure halt.

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