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SXR 160

Every Challenge Accepted

Feel the surge of the powerful 160 cc i-get engine as you head out into an unforgettable adventure with the Aprilia SXR 160CC. Glide along the highways, trails or any terrain, with the adjustable rear suspension bringing unparalleled safety on the road. Experience the fusion of elegance and performance.

Unstoppable 160 cc i-get Engine.

Imagine the exhilarating thrill of the open road as you ride the Aprilia SXR 160, its unbeatable acceleration and ultra-modern i-get engine propelling you to new heights of adventure. Feel the power surging beneath you, the 160 cc engine delivering an impressive 11.01 PS and 11.6 Nm of torque, as you effortlessly glide along highways at breakneck speeds or zip on trails. Equipped with the latest 3V tech fuel injection system, the engine gives a great throttling experience. The Aprilia SX160 is the perfect choice for riders seeking the ultimate riding experience and unmatched performance.

Effortless, Stable Rides

Start a remarkable cruising journey on the SXR 160, exhibiting perfection in safety, style, and performance. The sporty and responsive handlebar, equipped with a 1000-lumen LED light unit, ensures flawless navigation while illuminating everything in your path. The 12" wheels with twin-piston callipers and a 220mm ventilated front disc brake offer unparalleled confidence in handling and braking. The ultimate in comfort, with its best-in-class telescopic fork front suspension, adjustable rear suspensions and a spacious cushioned dual-cut seat. Featuring large under-seat storage for backpacks, a USB port for phone charging, and an automatic boot lamp for nighttime adventures, it guarantees the most convenient cruising experience imaginable.

Unmatched Road Presence with Crossmax Design

Get ready to be mesmerized by the stunning and sporty design of the Aprilia SXR scooter, featuring unparalleled style and sophistication. The motorcycle-inspired front fascia provides an incredible road presence, commanding attention as it cruises the streets. The distinct and sporty handlebar combines the functionality of a cruiser, while the sporty-looking twin-piston callipers add a touch of ruggedness to the overall appearance, creating an unmatched visual appeal. The large LED taillight with integrated indicators completes the design, giving it a sleek and modern finish. With bold colour options such as black, white, red, and blue, the Aprilia SXR is the perfect choice for riders seeking unrivalled style and performance, turning heads wherever it goes.

Model SR 125 SR Storm 125 SR 160 /Carbon 160 / Race 160 SXR 125 SXR 160
Displacement 124.45 cc 124.49 cc 160.03 cc 124.45 cc 160.03 cc
Maximum Power 10.11 PS @ 7300 RPM 9.92 PS @ 7700 RPM 11.27 PS @ 7100 RPM 9.61 PS @ 7500 RPM 11.09 PS @ 7200 RPM
Maximum Torque 10.33 Nm @ 5500 RPM 9.7 Nm @ 6000 RPM 13.44 Nm @ 5300 RPM 10.19 Nm @ 5400 RPM 12.13 Nm @ 5500 RPM
Fuel Tank Capacity 6 Litres 6.5 Litres 6 Litres 7 Litres 7 Litres
Front Suspension Front fork with 30 mm inner tube Front fork with 30 mm inner tube Front fork with 30 mm inner tube Hydraulic double telescopic Hydraulic double telescopic
Rear Suspension Mono shock absorber Mono shock absorber Mono shock absorber Hydraulic shock absorber Hydraulic shock absorber
Front Brake Ø 220 mm disc with hydraulic control assisted by CBS Ø 220 mm disc with hydraulic control assisted by CBS Ø 220 mm disc with hydraulic control assisted by ABS Ø 220 mm disk brake with combi braking system (CBS) Ø 220 mm disk brake with combi braking system (CBS)
Rear Brake Ø 140 mm drum brake Ø 140 mm drum brake Ø 140 mm drum brake Ø 140 mm drum brake Ø 140 mm drum brake
Front Tyre TTubeless 120/70 - 14"/td> Tubeless 120/80 - 12" Tubeless 120/70 - 14" Tubeless 120/70 - 12" Tubeless 120/70 - 12"
Rear Tyre Tubeless 120/70 - 14" Tubeless 130/80 - 12" Tubeless 120/70 - 14" Tubeless 130/80 - 12" Tubeless 120/70 - 14"

Other models

Comfort is Everything and More

The SXR offers more than just seating; it's designed for ultimate comfort, catering to various body types. The large, well-cushioned seat, perfect foot pegs, and co-rider footrests combine to create a seating position that elevates you above the rest, allowing you to enjoy the refreshing breeze.

Cutting-Edge Engine

Featuring a modern i-get engine 160cc and a potent 3 Valve Fuel injection system, this combination ensures thrilling performance with each throttle twist.

Smooth Sailing

Experience a smooth ride and glide effortlessly on any surface, with the Aprilia SXR’s telescopic front suspension.

Protective Front

Drawing inspiration from endurance bikes, the dual fairing and suspended windshield provide excellent aerodynamic shielding even during daily urban commutes.


The glove box securely holds your essentials, while the USB charging port keeps your phone powered.

Precise Braking

Upon applying the brakes, your SXR responds with a smooth stop, as the ABS provides essential control for a secure halt.

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