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The rush of riding an Aprilia SR is hard to put into words. It has to be felt. The throttle turned. The engine revved. The action sequence begins and teleports you to your own world of pulse-racing sequences. Go from 0-60 Kmph in under 7.5 seconds* from one signal to another. The closest emotion to describe this feeling is like you have risen above the city streets. As the pace of the ride makes the sidelines blurry, and the harmonious sound of the engine’s roar drowns the street noise, you have ignited the action.


Agile velocity, untamed power

The solid body of the Aprilia SR, accentuated by sharp features and bold graphics, lends it a rugged appearance. Its unique handle mechanism allows you to navigate the busiest streets with ease, making sharp turns and weaving through traffic all while maintaining stability, thanks to the exceptional suspension system. Want to tear through an open stretch? The new i-get engine delivers exhilarating acceleration, propelling you ahead of the competition, without even trying.

Fuel Your Racing Spirit

Built for riders like you who crave the exhilaration of high-octane experiences. Thriving on speed, and making time in your routine for the daily rush of adrenaline has to be worth it, the SR makes it more than worth it. Your desire for speed is not because you lack time, but because you revel in it, as the SR makes every ride an action sequence. Every night after you get off work, as you take your ride for a spin around town, the SR will make it the highlight of your day.